Lavender LolliPop Samsung S20 FE Case


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Material: Polycarbonate
Colour: Purple / Lavender
Fit: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Features: Screen Bezels, Camera Bezel, Wireless Charging,


Case Comparison

Lollipop Pattern Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Cover

The Lavender Lollipop Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE seamlessly blends adorable aesthetics with reliable protection. The case boasts a durable build with a high-gloss finish that ensures long-lasting vibrancy. This glossy finish isn’t just for show – it creates a smooth, comfortable feel for easy gripping and effortless pocket or bag maneuvering.

The unique design features a delightful pattern of lollipops adorning a soothing lavender background. The high-gloss finish takes these sweet treats to the next level, making the colors pop with an eye-catching shine.

Dual Protection Options to Match Your Lifestyle:

We understand that protection needs vary. That’s why this case comes in two formats: Standard and Tough.

The Standard format offers excellent everyday protection with a sturdy polycarbonate shell.This reliable cover protects your phone from scratches, minor bumps, and everyday wear and tear, keeping your Samsung S20 FE looking

For an active lifestyle or those seeking ultimate peace of mind, the Tough format is the perfect choice. This version incorporates an extra inner rubber layer for superior shock absorption, shielding your phone from even more significant drops and impacts. The combination of a hard polycarbonate shell and a soft, cushioning inner layer ensures your device is protected from all angles.