Purple Agate Phone Case


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Material: TPU (Flexible)
Colour: Purple / Gold
Features: Corner Bumpers, Raised Lips, Customisable

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Purple Agate Custom Phone Case

Ever thought about giving your phone a unique new makeover? Check out our Purple Agate case! It’s all sorts of cool with its dark purple crystal background and those oh-so-fancy gold veins. It’s like the mysterious, edgy phone case you’ve always wanted.

Oh, and guess what? You can totally slap your initials on it! And we’re doing it in this rad gold script. Talk about personal flair!

Quality? Got you covered. It’s made from this awesome TPU stuff that’s pretty dope at protecting your phone from those accidental “oops!” moments and annoying scratches.

Quick deets:

Good to go for OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone (and a bunch of other models)
Snug fit for top-notch protection
Our UV print keeps things looking fresh
Can handle a 6-foot drop (but let’s try not to test that, okay?)
Slim profile so your phone still looks and feels like, well, your phone.

Catch you later! And remember, your phone’s wardrobe deserves some love too