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Supreme style and protection

Poseidon, God of the sea now comes forth to protect your phone. Featuring a seamless blend of stunning blue, the Poseidon case is a must-have for any collection. We take our Smartphones everywhere with us nowadays, and sometimes, the journey can prove a little too tough for your fragile phone, which is why you need a premium quality, stunning phone cases like the stunning Poseidon cover.

Premium Quality Plastic

Our cases are made from premium Polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to protecting your smartphone. Polycarbonate cases are durable, flexible and affordable. PC absorbs ink very well and reproduces extremely bright, vivid and detailed colors as seen here in the Poseidon phone case.

To keep your entire phone case, including the screen and camera lenses, you need a specific type of case and this case has you covered. The PC frame protects the back of the case but also has unique raised edges around the screen and camera which keep them protected.

So,No matter how clumsy you are, with the Poseidon phone case your phone will always be in safe hands – even if your hands aren’t safe. Our premium plastic is scratch-resistant with raised bezels to ensure your device is always protected.


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Hard case – Full print, Soft case – Transparent