Cloud Magsafe iPhone 14 Case Blue


Tempered Glass Screen Protector (+£6.99)
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Compatible With:iPhone 14
Drop Height:2 meters
Materials: TPU
Wireless Charging: Yes
Magsafe Charging: Yes
Colour: Blue

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Cloud Magsafe iPhone 14 Cover In Celestial Blue

Introduce your iPhone 14 to the Cloud MagSafe case and elevate its look to a chic new level. Want your phone to resonate with your energy? This cover comes in five captivating colors. Let these enchanting hues redefine your device and showcase your unique style. Shield, dazzle, and magnetize with the Cloud MagSafe iPhone 14 protector.

✅ MagSafe Magic: Snap into place! Your iPhone 14 and MagSafe are a match made in tech heaven—flawless every time.

✅ Subtle Shine Finish: Flaunt a glimpse, but keep the mystery. Let your iPhone’s elegance shine through with a sophisticated twist.

✅ Artistic Arcs: Hypnotic patterns that command attention. Draw eyes and admiration; your phone radiates artistic elegance.

✅ Five Ambiance Shades: From relaxed to radiant, find your shade. Whether you’re feeling bold or refined, choose your vibe.

✅ Sturdy Elegance: More than just good looks; think fortress in a cocktail dress. Shields against unexpected mishaps and daily blunders.

✅ Precise Edges: Access every feature of your iPhone 14. Why let a case hinder your tech experience?

✅ Perfect Palm Fit: This case and your hand? Instant camaraderie. Every grip feels like a familiar embrace.

Color Stories:

Black Mist: Venture into a harmonious dance of black and grey.
Celestial Blue: Plunge into oceanic blues with a hint of enchantment.
Nebula Pink: In the mood for romance? Gentle pinks collide with vibrant fuchsia.
Twilight Purple: Navigate through soft lilacs and dynamic purples.
Solar Flare Orange: Ignite passion like a glowing dusk. Vivid, cozy, and undeniably striking.

Snag one or collect them all. Uplift your tech style game!

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Apple iPhone 14


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